Zoning Office

Zoning deals with the use and location of buildings, properties and structures.  It is the Zoning Officers responsibility to interpret and enforce these regulations and provide information and assistance to residents and professionals to ensure compliance with regulations.

Please call 570-829-3439 ext. 4141 or email zoning@plainstownship.org  with questions or concerns.

ZONING MAP    The Zoning Map provides the zoning districts for all areas of the Township.  Please feel free to call the above number with questions concerning specific areas and zoning districts

Zoning Permit Application 2024

one to one permit application 

Zoning Fee Schedule

A certificate of Zoning Compliance Permit is required prior to occupying residential and commercial buildings.   While commonly referred to as an occupancy permit it is not, the difference is:

Occupancy Permit is issued by the Building Inspector after completion of new construction or addition.

Rental Properties are subject to yearly inspections:

Landlord Tenant Ordinance

Zoning Compliance is issued before a new owner or tenant occupies an existing home or business.    Zoning Compliance Inspections: $65.00 for residential units and $175.00 for commercial.

Sale of Property Zoning Compliance App 

Rental Zoning Compliance Application 9-20


2024 Commercial Contractor License Application


The Zoning Officer Cannot authorize any use or activity unless it is permitted by ordinance. If a property owner wishes to use or locate a building or addition in a manner not permitted in the Ordinance, an application can be made to the Zoning Hearing Board to request a variance, special exception or conditional use.   Please refer to the Zoning Hearing Board Page for application/further information concerning hearings.

Storm Water Management Ordinance

The Storm Water Management Ordinance address water discharge attributed to new construction.

There are several levels of applications, some requiring  additional fees for their review by the Township Engineer.