Code Enforcement

Plains Township has adopted the 2019 International Property Maintenance Code.

This code covers the interior and exterior conditions of private properties regulate numerous items from unsafe structures to abandoned vehicles in yards (vehicles in streets and alleys are under the authority of the Police Department).

This code authorizes the Code Enforcement Officer to require compliance with regulations. Be reminded it also requires that the violator be given proper notice and time to appeal.  The process takes thirty days or more simply to bring the situation before the Magistrate.  It may take months to finally resolve the problem. This leaves those impacted by the violation (usually neighbors), thinking nothing is being done. This is not the case.  Unless proper procedure is followed, legal action can not taken against the violator.

When a complaint has been investigated, a certified notice must be sent advising the owner or occupant of the property, advising them that they are in violation and have twenty days to correct the problem or appeal.  After twenty days, if the problem is not corrected a citation is filed with the District Magistrates Office.   The Magistrates office serves notice and schedules a hearing.  At the hearing the Magistrate may find the person guilty, not guilty or choose to “continue” the matter, giving the offender additional time to resolve the problem.  A hearing may be continued several times. It could takes months to have a complete and satisfactory resolution to even minor problems.

The Township has no authority  with regard civil matters such as property line disputes, storm water runoff onto private property or disputes concerning non payment of rent.  There are no regulations concerning the height or condition of trees or bushes.

The Fire Department addresses high weeds and grass complaints.