Residents are permitted to keep three pets.  It is possible to increase the number of pets permitted, provided various requirements can be met.

Dogs must be under control at all times:

By leash – person walking dog Must be able to control the dog.  If a person cannot control a dog – they may not legally walk the dog and a citation may be issued.

By fence – fence must be adequate (high enough with a latching gate) to prevent the dog from exiting the property.

Tying dogs to ropes or chains is NOT considered under control unless a responsible person is present.   You cannot tie your dog out and leave it unattended.

Livestock and poultry are not considered pets.  While they may be permitted in conservation districts, they are not permitted in residential districts. Please call the zoning office with specific questions.



Section Two. Any dog owner who travels in any public place within the Township or any private property not their own, shall be required to clean up all solid dog waste promptly after is occurs and dispose of it properly. Failure to so may subject that party to the penalties set forth in Penalty portion (Section Three) of this ordinance whether or not witnessed by the enforcing officer.

Section Three  fines of up to $300.00 may be assessed for each offense. A separate offense shall be deemed committed on each day during or on which violation occurs or continues.