Ordinance Regulating “Yard” Sales adopted June 9, 2016

An ordinance was passed requiring the issuance of a permit prior to holding a garage, yard, or estate sale. There is no fee for the permit, but there is a limit of 4 permits per household per year. The ordinance was passed after numerous complaints of “year round” garage sales. Unless you have a neighbor who holds sales every weekend, you are not likely to realize how inconvenient this practice is. “Shoppers” showing up before 7am on weekends, trucks dropping off sales items late Friday or early Saturday, cars obstructing flow of traffic and parking on your lawn….Its unfortunate that a few people have taken advantage of the lack of regulation of sales and are now effectively operating businesses out of their homes at the expense of their neighbors. The Township does not enjoy regulating of what you can do on your property, unfortunately a few residents have made this a necessity. The intent is to help our residents enjoy their homes and properties without the constant flow of “shoppers”. Please call the zoning office with questions 570-829-3439 ext 4141  Or complete and return this application to Plains Zoning Office  126 North Main Street (Municipal Building).

Yard Sale