MS4 Newsletter


A Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System, otherwise known as an MS4, is a collection and conveyance system designed to move storm water (including rainwater and snow melt) away from public infrastructure and to local waterways. The system is comprised of inlets, pipes, swales, and open channels among other storm water components. The MS4 is a key piece of public infrastructure as it keeps roads free of flowing/ponding water and ice.

Since storm water can become contaminated during overland flow, pollutants are likely to end up in local waterways when picked up by storm water. These pollutants could include pesticides, fertilizers, sediment, oil, and grease among others that could threaten the quality of our local waterways, such as Mill Creek, Laurel Run Creek, and the Susquehanna River. The negative impacts from this could include public health issues (contaminated food, drinking water, and recreational waterways), harm to freshwater ecosystems, and degradation to the aesthetic value of waterways.

As part of the Township’s authorization to discharge storm water to local waterways, the Township must maintain NPDES permit coverage and a storm water management program, which is required by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and intended to improve the quality of waters by reducing the discharge of pollutants to the maximum extent possible.

For additional information on the MS4 Program, please visit DEP’s website and the embedded links under each of the MCMs listed above. Additionally, refer to the following links and the MS4 Directory, for an in-depth look at the Township MS4 Program.

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